proxychains wrong configuration causes curl/wget weird problem
Jan 4, 2017
2 minutes read

Weird thing after install proxychains

Today I installed proxychains to accelerate my network. The proxychains use socks5 proxy (shadowsocks). After several minutes trying it was not working as expect, I shutdown shadowsocks client (sslocal) and back to work.

Then weird thing happened. I couldn’t curl to localhost port. Reason was connection refused. But indeed port was listening.

I could ping to other site but I couldn’t curl/wget from it. The error notice was: > curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

After I remove proxychains by apt-get remove, everything back to normal.


proxychains will automatically inject into some command. Even you don’t use proxychains to run command. So if you turn down socks5 proxy, proxychains which continue using proxy will return nothing.

Find out the cause: LD_PRELOAD

How can proxychains change behavior of so many clients? The reason is simple: LD_PRELOAD

If you set LD_PRELOAD to the path of a shared object, that file will be loaded before any other library (including the C runtime, So to run ls with your special malloc() implementation, do this: $ LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/my/ /bin/ls


Proxychains uses that trick to redirect tcp/udp request to proxy. I guess the normal way to install it will change back LD_PRELOAD after proxychains command takes effect. But I write it in .profile so everything goes wrong.

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