The little things
Mar 12, 2009
2 minutes read

Nowadays, I construct a web site in our lab. At first, I really think come to this place is a perfect choice. I love the project and the teacher. I like the hardware here. I think it must be the perfect place for me to have my day. After a few days, I began to know that is not as perfect as I think. Before I came here, someone worried if I come to this team, he wouldn’t be accepted. At that time, I just had a smile and forgot it in no time. But indeed, it happens. Everyone is friendly but they have built a small team in our team. They often discuss problems and have fun, even when two other students who come together. For more connection and let everyone in our team know the questions and answers, I construct a Q&A forum. I really spent a lot of time to maintain it and wish it can be the platform as I wish. But day by day, the only one who sent posts and answer them. I check the new arrangement for situation in office and recongnize that there’s nobody around me. Embarrassing…

I just know that almost all the things here are done by the formal team. Is it my problem or the problem of the team? I just want to promote myself and keey my elegent.

Am I a fool?

Or joining this team is a big big mistake?

I need focus.

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